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Real Life Canines Family Portrait

Real Life Canines out on a pack walk, living up to our name!
Good looking and well behaved dogs!

From left to right: Jetty, Django, Daisy, Euka and Lukas!

Providing Barrie and Simcoe County with Dog Training Solutions For Behaviour and Obedience For
Real Life!

Looking for solid puppy foundations, obedience training or struggling with behaviour problems like aggression, biting or reactivity to dogs and people?

I can help!


Real Life Canines offers the most in depth and comprehensive dog training for puppy foundations, obedience and behavioural issues in Barrie and Simcoe County. Whether you want to start your puppy on the right paw or need help with a dog that's acting like a wood chipper on a leash, Real Life Canines has the experience and skill to help you and your dog.

Real Life Canines does not offer "quick fixes" or band aid solutions. We believe that training can and should be fun, safe, reliable in real world situations and easily sustainable for the dog's entire life. This approach ensures lasting results for behavioural issues and obedience and a

genuine, cooperative relationship. 

Real Life Canines is also proud to be a certified safe partner, having been certified in basic, advanced and disaster planning first-aid and CPR by Canine Health Canada.


Levi & Django celebrate earning their Rally Obedience Title - "CRNMCL"
under C.A.R.O. -
Canadian Association of Rally Obedience

Welcome to Real Life Canines 

"This is so much better than other generic, one size fits all programs. If you want to work with someone who is genuine and knowledgeable, look no further."

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What is "Real Life Canines"?

And why is our dog training different than other

dog trainers in Barrie and Simcoe County?

First, we need to clarify what Real Life Canines is NOT.


This is NOT  internet dog training.

Real Life Canines does NOT offer "tips and tricks."
- There is NO "quick fix" or band-aid solutions for mild or serious behaviour problems.
- There is NO solution of  "Does your dog do 'X'? Just do 'Y' and you'll be saved!"
- There is NO gimmick, dark arts, scientific formula, voodoo, drugs, method or magic spell. 

In Real Life, tips and tricks are NOT long term solutions for even minor issues. 

Quick fixes are about the quick and don't offer a Real fix.

Gimmicks, formulas, methods, equipment and techniques don't address the foundational issues in the relationship that need to change to create lasting change. 

Real Life Canines is NOT purely positive.

Real Life Canines does NOT use any unnecessary equipment like E-Collars, excessive treats or force. 


Think of a relationship you have with another person- If it's not built on a solid foundation of clear, honest and fair communication, it's only a matter of time before it breaks down.

Relying on equipment, food and toys, having to constantly force or bribe for bare minimums is not a healthy or sustainable relationship to have with a dog. 

What makes Real Life Canines different from other dog trainers in Barrie and the surrounding area of Simcoe County, is, how we look at the dog and the underlying relationship. We are looking to diagnose and resolve the true causes of bad behaviour, not simply treat the symptoms. How we understand the dog and how that impacts our training is what sets us apart from any other dog trainer in the Barrie area. 

Learn about how we can help you on our services page.

Get to know us and our training philosophy here and here.

At Real Life Canines, the dog comes FIRST.


All the money, five star reviews, social media followers and popularity will NEVER matter more

than doing what's right by the dog. 

All breeds and behavioural issues welcome.
No judgments.

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